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*To be used as a guide only until definitive diagnosis has been made by a medical professional. By using the online diagnosis tool you agree that is it for general information only*
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Cosmetics involves whitening, braces and or veneers.

Whitening / Braces / Veneers / Cosmetic Bonding 

Use the button below to submit a picture of your teeth from the front. As cosmetic dentistry involves different combinations of the above solutions, a picture really is worth a 1000 words.

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It's very normal for you to have a few of these at the same time, however please select the one that most relates to your problem.

Pus / Abscess

Likely caused by an infected tooth or gums. Any signs of infection should be seen to be a medical professional. Please organise to see us immediately.

Start to use salt water rinses and brush thoroughly twice a day. Any infection or swelling should be seen to and drained as soon as possible by a dentist.

How long does the toothache last?

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Dentine/ Cementum Sensitivity

Pain for seconds and on cold is normally a sign of a chipped filling or simple sensitivity. This may not be the most urgent of problems but you should book in to see us on a non-urgent basis for an assessment. 

In the meantime sensitive toothpastes will help alongside good oral hygiene. You may have to modify how you brush your teeth or need a simple filling.

Fractured Filling/ Cracked Tooth

Pain for seconds on biting is normally the result of a simple chipped filling or a cracked tooth. You would likely need a filling or a crown to encase the crack in the tooth.

Please seek the advice of a dental professional. The above is only intended as a guide,
Pain for less than a minute is normally triggered by a few things, select the one that most relates to you.

Reversible Pulpitis  

Pain for less than a minute, that's brought on by cold, hot, sweet things that lingers longer than the stimulus is normally an indication of needing some decay removed and a simple filling placed.

Periapical Periodontitis/ Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Pain which lasts up to a minute which is brought about by biting is normally a sign of a cracked tooth. The crack may or may not have decay associated with it. It is likely you would need a filling and or crown to stop the crack from opening.

Pain on biting could also be an indication of an abscess around the root of the tooth. This would need to be root canal treated to save long-term.

Cracks are normally due to large fillings in teeth which have failed or a grinding habit that has not been diagnosed. Seek help as soon as possible to prevent further opening up of the crack/fracture.
Irreversible Pulpitis and/or Periapical Periodontitis - Abscess

Pain on almost everything (cold, hot, sweet, and biting) with a pain that lasts for longer than a few hours is normally the sign of an damaged nerve (pulpitis) and/or an abscess. A simple filling or crown would not help and you would likely need a root canal and a crown to save the tooth.

The above is a guide to treatment but for a definitive diagnosis please contact the practice for an appointment.
Bleeding gums are normally nothing that can't be sorted with a good hygienist cleaning and improved oral hygiene. 

{{answer_39006821}} how often do your gums bleed?

When did you last see the Dentist or Hygienist?


Bleeding gums as a result of brushing them is normally due to simple gingivitis (Gum Disease).

A very simple solution is to receive a deep cleaning at the Dentist alongside brushing twice a day and flossing.

Do You Smoke? 

Do you currently see red or white patches in your mouth that do not go away?

Red or White patches need to fully diagnosed by a medical professional. Please book in now to see us, your Dentist or your Doctor for further advice.

Chronic Periodontitis

If bleeding does not go away from good oral hygiene practice at home, please seek advice from your us. You may have advanced gum disease (periodontal) that needs mulit-disciplinary management.

You will likely need multiple cleaning appointments and careful management of possible bone and tooth loss. We will also look into other systemic causes of bleeding gums outside of your mouth. 

Please seek advice immediately. 


Pain around a wisdom tooth is likely due to a swollen area around a half erupted wisdom tooth. This is normally due to bacteria being allowed to collect in the area under a gum flap. 

Good oral hygiene practices such as salt water mouthwashes and diligent brushing techniques will help to keep the area clean until you can see a dentist for a full assessment.

*The above is a guide only and should not be taken as a definitive diagnosis
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